it might be true...

 It might be said that I am a little over concerned about having my wisdom teeth removed this morning. It is possible that I have written out my will, and
expressed funeral wishes to family members.

It might be noted that I am extremely against the idea of sitting in a dentist chair, getting an IV, being put to sleep, and having someone chisel my teeth out of my jawbone. It is possible that I have googled "wisdom teeth extraction" and "fatalities due to anesthesia", and convinced myself
that death is a real possibility.

It might be obvious that I have a very real and intense fear of medical procedures, or any procedure that causes pain. It is possible that Timmy and I decided to get our wisdom teeth removed on the same day, at the same time, because it's kind of romantic.
And we like doing things together, you know.
And it might be true that while I am gloomily preparing myself for days of pain and suffering, Timmy is excitedly planning a memorial day weekend road trip, "just in case we feel great!". It is possible that, while I am morosely writing up shopping lists full of non-chewable foods (popsicles, soup, smoothies)…
Timmy is laughing at me.

I think we somehow balance each other out.


  1. I'm pretty sure you both are gonna feel like crap for several days!!But at least you'll feel crappy together! Dad

  2. hahaha. You are the cutest girl in all the earth!! I wanted to be with you in that room to hold your hand. But I was getting cut up too. Well its 8 hours later and its been wonderful to feel icky together, snuggle one another to sleep, and look at each other and frown.
    I love you so much I even like getting my wisdom teeth out with you!!!

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog and gosh, it's the cutest thing ever!!! I find you guys sooo adorable <3 :D