and then it was autumn.

We left Spring to greet Autumn. Green grass was replaced by shortened days and falling leaves.
 Autumn in Australia. Autumn is my favorite season.

Australia in autumn exists in shades of deep earth tones. Browns and tans tangled among yellows and greens. Colors you've seen before, but never in this way. Everything was dancing.
 It was different. It was an autumn I almost did not recognize. The color of the leaves were a bit more subtle, the world tasted richer. Most trees were still green. but it was a soft, worn shade. I'm sure Australia looks very different in summer, spring, and winter. But to me, Australia will be forever frozen in autumn. I became lost in the idea of Australia always looking so golden warm.
It was surreal. Between the 15 hour time difference and the drastic change of seasons, it became impossible to keep track of life back home. Time didn't stop, but it floated. We lost track of days and months, and suddenly we just were.  
Where the only familiar sight was each other's eyes.
 It was beautiful. So beautiful I almost didn't want to take any pictures, because I knew they couldn't truly capture the views. Tall, sweeping mountains, white sandy beaches. Forests bunched with tall skinny trees, fields of birds of paradise lining the highways. With the sky so blue and the air so heavy with eucalyptus. Scenery like I'd never seen before, a whole new landscape to discover.
And we were determined to see as much of this big country as possible.
It was warm. The sunshine was tangy and hot. Their autumn weather isn't too different from our summer weather. Temperatures hovered between 65-75 degrees, and we raced through the bush wearing short sleeves and sundresses.
It was wild. Miles of untamed wilderness and an overwhelming feeling of expectancy. There were unending opportunities for danger (which Timmy loved), and the reality of that power was intoxicating. We became convinced that anything could, and does, happen in Australia.
It was perfect. Better than I'd hoped and more majestic than I'd dreamed.  
Everything was new and nothing felt the same.
Except the feeling of his hand in mine.

Together, we have such grand adventures.


  1. This post is so beautiful babe!! It kinda sweeps me away and brings me back there all over again. Your writing is the kind that will be mused over hundreds of years from now. You impact people with the beauty of your thoughts!!
    ...next time you post a picture of me shirtless if you could color in a tan that would be great...and maybe some huge muscles!!

  2. Missy O'BrienMay 10, 2010 at 4:16 PM

    This post does a great job of capturing the magic of your journey to the land down under! I love how every picture has its own little story behind it. And I think it's so grand you were transported to your favorite season, Fall, with your favorite boy :) xoxo