Dear Timmy,
There is no one I'd rather be miserable with than you. Last night, when I had that allergic reaction to the oxycodone, and I was convinced I was going to stop breathing in my sleep, you promised me you'd stay awake and take care of me. And you did. I must have woken up a zillion times, itching all over, and whenever my eyes opened, they met yours.

I love it when you call me sweetheart, and I love being yours to take care of. You are my cutest chipmunk cheeked husband, and I wish I could repeat and repeat every moment spent with you. (Even the miserable ones.)

your Becki


  1. Awwww baaaby!! This is so sweet. I love that I get to take care of you. I love your every breath. I love holding you and encouraging you. I love being with you and being yours. I love making you feel safe and knowing that I would do anything to keep you safe.
    Your the light that is mine. My deepest design. Your my sunshine and I love you ALWAYS!!!

  2. this is the cutest thing ever! are you going to make this design available as a custom card?