Baby Booties.

My friend Courtney sent me this free pattern for cloth baby booties several months ago. Last weekend my mom and I finally gave it a try! These sweet booties are too cute and much easier to make then I had imagined.

The only thing is, the pattern says these will fit 0-6 month babies. In reality, these booties wouldn’t even fit my 8 month old nephew. They’re huge! If my baby is born with 3.5 inch feet, I’m going to be concerned. So, I consider this a REALLY well planned-ahead first birthday present for Baby Love.

We’re going to try again, this time adapting the pattern to make them more the size a 0-6 month baby bootie should be. 

But, size issues aside,
aren’t they darling?


  1. Yay! Love! Penelope is nine months old and has yet to wear shoes. They don't need them till they start thinking about walking. These should be fine. (:

  2. I love how you make things honey!! It seems to be a lost art!!

    You + Me = happy!!!