Thirty Seven, Thirty Eight & Thirty Nine

Baby Love is now around 19 inches long and weighs about 7 pounds.
She can be compared to a watermelon.

Yes, a watermelon. Let’s not even think about that. 

At thirty-eight-almost-thirty-nine weeks, I can happily report that I’m feeling great. Super-duper even. Now we’re just waiting, waiting, waiting. Sometimes I'm okay with waiting. Other times, not so much.

Each day that passes leaves me more anxious to meet this baby, but also thankful for another day with just my sweetie. I will miss our hugs with my tummy getting in the way, miss needing Timmy to pick things up for me because I can no longer reach the floor easily… miss feeling Baby Love's many kicks and wiggles, miss daydreaming about the uncertainty of the future, and miss Timmy's passionate prayers into my belly button. (Which really no longer exists, by the way.)

We've been praying into this little soul for nine (ten, really) months. I feel a special whisper in my heart, and I know that this baby - whoever s/he turns out to be -
will be one who knows God. 

God is so amazing. I can't wait to find out what day
He has destined Baby Love's birthday to be.

P.S. I'm really hoping for an August baby
so that Baby Love can share a birthday month with my Daddy.


  1. So sweet! I love our lil family! I am so glad you made these weekly photo shoots happen! They will be so fun to look back on!!!

    I am excited about the 3 of us going on our first vacation!!!!

  2. I hope you have an August baby, too! I'm thinking your little one will arrive before mine. :)