A Conversation: About the Nursery

Overheard from downstairs, as my 7 year old nephew inspected Baby Love's nursery:

Nephew: If this baby is a boy, he's gonna be so mad. He's gonna be so mad!

Timmy: Why?

Nephew: Because there's girl stuff in here!! There's PINK stuff.

Timmy: Oh, well buddy that's not pink, it's actually a shade of red.

HAHA. My neice, sister-in-law, and I were listening to this conversation from the couch and couldn't stop laughing. This particular nephew is hilarious and constantly surprising me with his thoughts and opinions. His twinkley eyes and cherub cheeks make him irresistible and able to get away with almost anything.

And Tim's response is priceless. I love that man.
Baby Love's nursery is all done! I'll post photos soon!

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