Stuffed Turtle.

Because I'm on a sewing kick these days, I decided to try out another pattern I found online for a sweet stuffed turtle. Using leftover fabric from decorating the nursery, I quickly stitched each piece together and the end result is this cutie.

There is something incredibly enjoyable about making a stuffed animal. It’s so fun to cut and sew each piece and watch it “become” something. My favorite part of this project was sewing in the little feet, tail, and head. The addition of those parts suddenly made my pieces of fabric a turtle.   


  1. CUTE!! I never thought I would say I love a stuffed animal, but one thats made by you is irresistible!!!

    I love my wife!!!

  2. This is so darling. I love homemade stuff for my little ones and hope that it will be passed down from sibling to sibling and then to my grandkids. I'm sure that will be the case with your babe's toys, too.

    Love love LOVE the rebranding. Love it a lot cuz of the photos but also the HB is fabulous and perfect. How nice to have that out of the way, too, before baby comes.

  3. super duper cute. also cute is the fabric (sheet?) that this dear turtle is sitting on. i am coveting a bit. from where did it come?

    ps: you don't know me, but i know LZ and patricia espedal, and some other folks that you know. :)