Due Date.

I can’t keep up with the weeks anymore. The days aren’t stopping. I’m tired. My back hurts. My fingers are swollen. BUT, so far no swollen feet or face, no stretch marks (yay! I totally don’t deserve this because I have been HORRIBLE about putting on lotion of any kind...), no Braxton Hicks contractions, and I can still sometimes sleep through the night without getting up to use the bathroom. (I have been downing buckets of water, so this can only be attributed to a lifelong blessing of a large bladder.) My stomach keeps getting bigger and the numbers on the scale keep getting larger. It’s hard to not be concerned when I look at those numbers, calculate that I have gained almost 25 pounds, and then read on Baby Center that my baby only weighs four pounds.  


I’m really hoping that this baby decides to come early. (As in, come any day now Baby Love!) But I’m still measuring about 1.5 weeks small, so I’m not too optimistic about an early arrival. My baby date guess is September 10th (I hope I’m wrong) and Timmy’s guess is September 3rd

I have been telling Baby Love daily that it is a-ok with me
if she wants to arrive sooner rather than later.  

And really, you know you’re getting close
when your due date shows up on the jug of orange juice in the fridge.


  1. That is pretty funny Sweet Bea. I remember those last weeks are days mixed with anxiety and anticipation. Savor every moment, the next thing you know she will be getting married!

  2. Lovie. Your so incredible with this pregnancy! I tell people all the time when they ask, how positive you are about your pregnancy. You do not complain, you seem to only rejoice!! And I am rejoicing with you!!!

    I adore you more than anyone has ever adored anyone else!!!

  3. Becki, I hope I look as great as you when I'm preggo someday! You are gorgeous! Love reading these updates and am excited for you guys. Crazy that it's just around the corner.