oh, restless, fleeting time,
which will be the last?
every little feeling,
that passes
has a first,
the in-betweens,
and the last.
we know the first
we live the in-betweens
and we await the last
the moments are marked
the emotions are breathless
the feeling is falling away

because sooner or later
there will be
a very
date night
when you hold me with both hands
when there is no one else
when time has no bearing

and when we are

 (26 Month Anniversary Date)


  1. Awwwww!!! This makes me tear up! My lil sweet darling. These times are so sweet hey? I will always be sure to sweep you away on some adventures with just the 2 of us!!

    You are my forever most darling girl!

  2. Is this a photo of the girl who doesn't feel cute anymore? You aren't cute, sorry, you are radiant! When I saw that first photo I thought how my baby girl has always had smiling eyes. You married a man with smiling eyes. I'm sure that Baby Love will have inherited those beautiful eyes that both of her parents have. Happy eyes, joyful hearts, a home filled with God and love.