Cloth Color Book.

My mom came out to visit us this week. Timmy and I love it when she visits, and she will often pop over to spend the night when my dad is out of town on business. Whenever she comes, she always brings a yummy treat - this time it was blueberry oat squares - and we always do something delightful.

Our definition of "something delightful" varies from trying a new recipe to making a fun project. Before I got pregnant, we made things like scarves and desserts and dresses. But since then, we've been working on things like stocking my freezer with frozen meals and sewing diapers, burp cloths, booties, and bibs. She is the perfect sewing partner because she really knows what she's doing, and I can often have an idea or see an inspiring photo and she will be able to figure out how to make it without any instructions. Yay Mom.

While Mom was out this week we made a soft fabric color book for Baby Love. I got the idea from this, and we modified it a bit to make it exactly how we wanted it.  

To make the different color pages we sorted through scraps of fabric and put them into piles by color. Then we sketched out different quilt block squares and assigned a different one for each color. It didn't take long to cut and sew each block together.  

We ended up with 8 different 6"x6" colored blocks - red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, purple, and pink. (Yes, I'm going to teach my baby the color teal.) The hardest part was arranging them in the right order so that when the book was all sewn together, the colors would progress correctly.  

After lots of rearranging, we sewed them together into rectangles of two. Then we sandwiched the rectangles with quilt batting and sewed them, right sides together, leaving a space for turning. After the "pages" were sewn and turned, we stitched them all together down the middle of the book.  

Ta-da! Baby Love's first book of colors!

This book makes me so happy. One of my favorite parts is that many of the scraps we used have specific memories from my own childhood - like the penguins from the backing of the quilt I had growing up. Baby Love won't be learning colors for a while, but the pretty shapes, bright hues, and contrasting shades will keep her pretty baby eyes entertained until she learns what to call them. 

And I kind of believe that nothing is cooler
than making baby treasures with your mom.


  1. THIS IS THE COOLEST BABY BOOK!!!! I am constantly saying to myself "I have the most talented amazing wife in the world!!"

    Well done sweety!

  2. Becki! This is so cool! I love to see all the things you're making for Baby.