Loving LZ.

Baby Love is still snuggled inside my belly. I’m getting the feeling that she’s pretty happy and doesn’t have a whole lot of motivation to exit. When our good friend Laura offered to do a maternity photo shoot for us on August 25, I naively thought, “Oh dear, that’s so close to my due date. I hope I’m still pregnant!” Right. No worries, I was still VERY much pregnant and that’s a good thing because Laura, as always, captured many sweet shots of this special stage in our lives. 

Laura is kind of like our life photographer. She first photographed us when we were newlyweds. And again last year for our one year wedding anniversary. She also photographed us this summer – we were lucky to be chosen as “models” for a school project – when I was 21 weeks pregnant. You can see the first two shoots here and here

She also gave me the photos from this summer’s shoot last week, and I love them all.

 I had to laugh when I saw this one.
I remember being so proud of my “bump” at that point…

Laura is amazing. We love Laura and we love her photography talent.

Check out her website! www.laurazastrow.com


  1. I love our pictures! Thanks Laura!!

    And honey you look so pretty in these!!!