Christmas Presents - Part 2

4. Fort Kit

When I saw this idea for a fort kit, I knew it would make a perfect Christmas gift for my three little nephews. I changed it up a little bit, but the idea is the same. The boys get a king size sheet, rope, and a book to share. They each get their own box of fort "supplies" - flashlight, glow stick, clothes pins, clamps, and snacks. I think their favorite part will be the glow sticks.

5. Nail Art Book

Our sweet niece just turned 13, and she is probably the most fun person I have to make presents for. This year I collected various nail tips and nail art tutorials from around the internet and compiled them into a book.

6. Baby Shoes

Remember these shoes I made for Baby Love? Rose was born with huge feet. (No lie. Her feet grow out of her sleepers before the rest of her body does.) So these large shoes already fit her, and they look so cute, I decided to make her a couple more pairs for Christmas.

Every girl needs a pair of red shoes.

7. Miscellaneous

I also knit some mittens for my sisters, made two collaborative fabric books with my mom for my nephew, and designed a photo book for Timmy to keep at the store to show off his baby.


December is such a busy month. I really am going to start my Christmas presents for 2012 early.


  1. I thought the "fort kit" was the greatest idea since the creation of the hot air ballon!!

    I married one creative thoughtful wife!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! The nail book? Ammmmazzzing! All of them are. And I love your comment about the red shoes. So true.