Birth // 7lb. 9oz.
Now // 14lb. 2oz.

Birth // 20.5 inches
Now // 25.5 inches

Our little rosebud is three months old.

We are enjoying brightly opened eyes and huge, gummy smiles.

Three month old babies are are jolly and wiggly and talkative. They grab at toys and tell you exactly what they're feeling through a language of grunts, giggles, coos, and (sometimes) wails. They blow bubbles and suck on fingers. Three month old babies are a little less like a newborn cocoon of sweet, mysterious warmth, and a lot more like a real little person.

The mystery is fading, and every day a new aspect
of her personality shines through.

I like this little person.

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  1. AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! I love our baby girl so much!! I wish I were home right now to be with my girls!!!