Some Thoughts. And an iPhone.

1. I convinced Timmy to give me one of my Christmas presents early. He got me an iPhone. All I really wanted for Christmas was an iPhone, and it's just as amazing as I thought it would be. I'm so spoiled! After he gave it to me he wanted to lock it up in our safe so that I couldn't play with it until Christmas. ... That did not happen.

 (Trying out my new iPhone camera.)

2. Here's a site that lists some amazing free font finds:

3. We decided to get Rosemary three presents for Christmas. Something to read, something to wear, and something to play with. (It turned into quite a few somethingS to wear, because baby girl clothes are hard to resist.) This is a tradition we plan to continue. It represents the three gifts Jesus received and I think it's such a wonderful idea. (I can't take the credit for it, I've heard it several places this year.)

4. When I mentioned that we were planning Rosemary's first vacation, you didn't think we would be going anywhere other than Hawaii, did you?? From March 3-13 we will be soaking up sunshine on beautiful beaches. I can't wait for Rose to meet the Pacific Ocean! And the best part is that my parents are going to be coming with us! Dream vacation come true!

(Snuggle time with Dad.)

5. We bought bunnies for Christmas presents for some of our family this year. Gospel for Asia has an amazing "Christmas Catalog" where you can buy anything from bunnies to camels to water purifiers for an Asian family. We went with bunnies because not only are they adorable, they can feed an entire family and provide them with a stable income (from selling bunny babies). I designed some cute little cards to let our family members know about their special gift.

6. New favorite blog here:

7. My brother in law, Caleb, is an amazing musician. He is giving us a CD of Christmas songs he recorded for Christmas. I know this because he told me and gave us a sneak preview last night. When he's famous, I want to be his graphic designer.

8. Apple Wellness is, finally, getting a real website. And it's going to be awesome. Stay tuned for this awesomeness to go live sometime in January.

9. My favorite time of day is morning. Rosemary looks so sweet with sleepy eyes.

 (Sleepy Rose.)

10. Rose is 25 inches long now and over 14 pounds. Everyone who sees her comments, "She's so BIG! I mean, HEALTHY!" Nobody can say that vegan babies aren't healthy. *smile*


  1. You are pretty much spectacular honey!! I love Christmas time! However more than that I love how you make me feel so loved all the time!!!

  2. Yay for iPhones! And is that an Instagram photo I spy? What is your username? I'd love to follow you!