Pet Peeve.

Me: It drives me cra-zy when Rosemary cries
and immediately someone asks me if she is hungry.

Tim: Oh? Does that happen a lot?

Me: YES.

(Cue... random lady in Target.)

Rosemary: Waaaaah!

Lady: Oh! *looks at me sideways and says in a singsong voice*
Mommy, she must be hungry!

Me: …

It really, really bothers me when people assume that anytime Rose makes a peep of noise, she's hungry. I can't help but feel that they're expecting me to hug them gleefully and say something along the lines of "WOW! Thank you so much! I knew there was something she needed… Hungry, right? Whew. I'm glad you let me know."

I KNOW when my baby is hungry, and I also know when she's crying because she hates her car seat, or because she's hot, or because she's sleepy, or because she's just being whiny…


On the other hand, I know that the people who ask are only doing so out of love/interest and are definitely not intentionally trying to irritate me. I think that in order for something to qualify as a pet peeve, it has to annoy you for no good reason.


  1. hahahaha!!!! This is so cute!! I love how she "snaps at mom when mom was trying to comfort her!

    Kinda like me when I get all poutish!!!

  2. Becki! I KNOW WHY SHE'S CRYING!!!! ..... She misses ME! ;)

    I love you and miss you dearly! Hugs and kisses to Rose from me!