A Spoonful of Christmas.

Tim has been walking around all night singing,

"Oh, a spoonful of Christmas, 
a spoonful of Christmas…"

I really think he has his songs confused. But now we both have it stuck in our heads.

He also wrapped my Christmas present. 
I laughed when I saw him carry it into the living room,
and he pouted a little and showed me the mangled corners 
where he "tried to nibble it" just right.  
(Nibble? Didn't you use scissors?)

And then he decided to add some curly ribbon to make it look prettier.
A minute later I hear…

"OUCH!!!! I just cut my lip on the ribbon.
Don't laugh. It really hurts…"

We're definitely enjoying large spoonfuls of Christmas over here.

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  1. hahaha! What can I say...

    My favorite part of being silly is when it makes you laugh!!