Cozy Car Seat Cover.

Now that it's freezing cold outside, we like to keep Rose cozy as we travel. At first we were just throwing a blanket over her car seat as we raced inside. But the wind kept blowing it around and our poor little dear would often end up with a gust of cold air disturbing her little cocoon of warmth.

And so our car seat blanket was invented. I bought some pretty fabric and gathered some pretty scraps and quickly assembled a quilt using 8.5 inch squares. I made it long enough to cover the length and width of the car seat. I used quilt batting for the middle, a pink sheet for the backing, and quilted it together using the "stitch in the ditch" technique of quilting in the seams. My favorite part is the white binding and rounded corners. 

And then I added the magic tabs. These clip onto the handles of the car seat, ensuring the blanket doesn't fly away with even the gustiest of breezes. 

According to Tim, this has revolutionized our lives.

I'm not sure about that, but it has made carrying her around outside less of a balancing act. And it comes off easily to become a quilt to lay her on when we're out and about.

Fun Random Fact: The pink floral fabric is from a house dress that the lady I was named after wore. Beatrice Curtis. She was like a grandma to me, and I think it is really special to have a part of her in my baby girl's quilt.

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  1. Boy do I love that cover! It used to be such a pain!

    Becki you are a glorious creation of beauty!!!