Happy Christmas!

As 2011 comes to a close, I'm amazed at what this year has brought. So many blessings and beautiful moments. I can easily say that 2011 has been my favorite year of life so far, and I have high hopes for 2012 to be my next favorite. 

I wish I could send a Christmas card to every one of my blog readers!
May you have a perfectly Merry Christmas, each and every one of you!

(Oh, and I obviously have no idea where Hawaii is.
Kind of sad, considering it's one of my favorite places in the world.)


  1. This year was full of dreams fulfilled that I did not even know about!! Walking life with you sweet heart is my hearts delight!!!

  2. Best Christmas card ever! I love every detail. The line about Tim learning to change a diaper in contrast to the million things you learned to do with one hand made me laugh!

  3. Hi Becki! Thanks for the Christmas card! You designed it so beautifully! Which brings me to my next question: Are you still doing freelance design work for friends? Brian and I just got engaged over Christmas and I was kind of hoping that you could design us some really special engagement announcements and maybe someday our wedding invitations. Just let me know if you're still in the business and how much you charge. Thanks Becki!