Dear Blog World,

I'm sick. 
I have been snuggling on the futon in the back room 
of our store for the past two days.  
I attempted work twice, and was sent home twice.  

So here I sit. 

I am trying to stifle my coughing, 
because being sick is bad for business. 
And I don't want to scare any customers off 
with my sneezing/coughing/moaning. 

Being sick usually makes me antsy, 
because I definitely feel like I should be using 
any "free time" I get to accomplish 
something grand.

But today has been a good sick day.

The following is a compilation of the
grand things
I accomplished today - despite feeling miserable.

I designed our newest marketing material for Apple Wellness:

I took a long nap.

I caught up on my blog reading.

I had a really good idea. 

I talked to my mom.

I felt very proud when three customers
brought in their Columbus Day coupons.

I taste tested several types of granola and two flavors of iced tea...

I took my vitamins.

I hid from customers.

I let Timmy pamper and sing
"Happy 27 Months" to me… 
(we've been together 27 months now!)

I finished Rynn's wedding programs.

 (here's the front)

And I got to spend the whole day with my lovey.

It's been a good sick day.

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  1. My poor sweety has been so sick:( I have enjoyed taking care of you though. Also, I love having a futon now at the store where be comfortable and even sleep!! I can not believe how much you accomplish even when your sick!