They say it’s your birthday. 
So, close your eyes and make a wish. 
I know you’ll share it with me, because your heart tells me everything. 
Twenty six candles are dancing.
Small things to represent twenty six years of living.
Of dreaming and loving.
And of falling in love with me. 
I have only known you for three years.
But I am going to claim all twenty six candles.
Because I’m the only one on earth who knows.
Knows what your very first birthday wish was.
The day you were born, twenty six years ago.

You were born wishing a wish. 
I know because your heart told me.

And with me beside you in the birthday candle light
Aren’t you glad it came true?
Happy Birthday, Husband. 
(I love and love you.)

*yesterday was Timmy's birthday day celebration - complete with pancakes (I finally mastered how to flip them - let Timmy do it!), a pajama morning, shopping for treasures with birthday money (thanks Mom, Daddy & Grandma!), home made Indian curry for dinner, a walk in the dark, a Barnes & Noble expedition, and cookies and ice cream for a birthday desert.


  1. awwww baby!!! My wish on my 1st birthday was you!!! It really did come true! I think this may be my favorite of your amazing blog posts!!! It is just so sweet and you have made me feel so incredibly LOVED this bday!! Your my most beautiful wonderful golden girl! You are my greatest birthday present. The food yesterday was AMAZING!!! In fact it "was great"!!!!

  2. "Twenty six candles are dancing.

    Small things to represent twenty six years of living."

    I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy your writing/poetry - I never thought how candles really are such small tiny things to represent a big thing like a year in a person's life.

    This is sweet.

    And so is your mosaic!

  3. Ugh, do you (Tim) seriously have luck flipping pancakes on a stainless steel pan? I always do Teflon (yuck) cuz I can't get them to work. :(

    Happy Birthday Timothy Bray! (:

  4. Hurrah, hurrah! My big brother is twenty six, and married to the prettiest sister alive! I'm glad you're twenty six, Tim, and I'm glad that you married my sister. :)