The Reception

And so, it was with dreamy smiles and bubbling laughter that the bride and groom arrived at their wedding reception. It is probable that they hardly noticed a single thing around them, except the love in each other’s eyes. But, if they had been happily gazing they would have seen a gymnasium completely transformed into a flowing tent of white. Yards and yards of gauzy fabric covered the ceiling, walls, basketball hoops, and mats, creating a delightfully sweeping canopy. 

Old couches, chairs, trunks, lamps, and rugs were artfully strewn about the floor, arranged into eye pleasing corners and romantic alcoves. It certainly appeared as if tiny fairies had secretly waved their wands and altered the drab gym into an enchanted world. (But those of us who did the decorating knew that fairies had nothing to do with it.) 

Strands of pearls mingled with old books, and vintage brooches were tucked into arrangements of dainty stems and tiny vases of blooms. Bouquets in the deepest shades of fall flowers overflowed onto tables and chairs, bringing in the spicy mingling scent of autumn.  

The food table was adorned with platters created from trunks of slender trees,
settled among dried hydrangea blooms and grasses. 

Towers of cookies, cupcakes, and cakes were piled onto cut glass serving platters. (Mom not only made all of the food herself, but she also purposely chose “vintage” foods with romantic names that fit the reception theme. She amazes everyone.) Tiny labels announced each delicate dessert – Jeweled Thumbprints, Almond Tipped Shortbread, Viennese Crescents, Pinwheels, Cappuccino Flats, Pineapple Upside Down Cake…

Gorgeous dessert plates, collected from antique shops and thrift stores, waited in happy stacks for lines of celebrating friends. Each plate had a different face, and the effect was perfectly charming. (Oh, I do love mismatching vintage plates! Lucky me, I got to keep many of them...)

Gifts and cards were collected in an old white trunk.

Nearby a table, devoted entirely to the happy couple, beamed with radiance. For it was here that photos of the love birds hung from fluttering ribbons, mixed with sweet facts and darling quotes, accented with bunting and organza blooms. 

  A golden bell was used for ringing, demanding kisses from the newlyweds. 

The guest book was a tree, and each guest stamped a finger print “leaf” in its branches, signing their names nearby.  

In the corner stood a photo booth – but we’ll talk more about that later.

It was beautiful to see groups of guests perched on couches, laughing and smiling among the many vintage details. We all watched with perfect delight as the couple made their rounds with smiles that lit up the room. 

 Sweetness filled every heart as Caleb sang his bride a lovely song he had written just for her. Toasts were made and joy emanated throughout every corner of the reception hall.

The night passed quickly, as magical nights tend to do, and in what seemed to be an instant, it was time for the newlyweds to say their goodbyes. Cheers rang into the wind as everyone gathered outside in the growing darkness, hugging, kissing, and shouting best wishes. We saw sparkling eyes and smiling faces from within their car as they sped away…

What we did not see, and can only guess, is two pretty faces smiling with pure happiness as two pretty hands – with new rings gracing their fingers – intertwined.  

Husband and wife. 


  1. How fun for me to be somewhere that I can see the photos, not just read your dialogue. Sweet Bea, you certainly have a way with words!! Very beautiful!!!

  2. the decorating and your photos .... amazing. seriously, jaw-dropping amazing. what a beautiful wedding. sigh!

  3. This post is incredible babe!! I love how you build it. By the time you get to the end one would have to be greatly encouraged.

    This wedding was so romantic! I just love watching a couple that lays down all their lives before the Lord. By looking in their eyes you can see the words of Jesus are true "you must lose your life to find it". They truly have found life in the Lord and each other!!!!

    Kinda like you and I...