Dear Timmy,

I appreciate the fact that you show
great enthusiasm for all of my creative ventures. 

Even when that means you spend a good deal of time waiting and waiting
while I take picture after picture of plant silhouettes.


I love that you share my enthusiastic ramblings
as I relate how pretty the plant shapes look
with a colorful sunset illuminated behind them. 

I adore knowing that you adore me.

And I would just like to say, 

you’re my favorite silhouette.
Love, your favorite girl


  1. Baby!!! Boy do I love you!!!! You make me feel like a superhero! Your the most amazing girl. I delight in you more than a bee like flowers!! Your my prettiest most lovliest devotion!!!

  2. what a beautiful series, becki! i want to take pictures now.

  3. Those are SUCH pretty photo's! Oh my! How lovely! I skipped with delight when I saw them.