Oh, Happiest Day

Every aspect of Rynn and Caleb’s wedding was dreamy and vintage, 
with a breathless addition of pure romance. 
Each tiny detail was covered with elegance and adoration, 
and nothing entered into the merriment that was not 
deliberately planned and placed among rows of loveliness. 
Happiness was draped in clouds and sunlight, 
surrounding the little church as if it were the center of all things. 
And the grandest event of the day, 
here and across the earth, 
was The Wedding.

  The bride wore her grandmother’s wedding dress. 
A vintage ivory lace gown, over 50 years old, 
in beautiful condition, and a perfect fit for Rynn’s tiny figure. 
Whispers of love seemed to radiate from its seams, 
love from a Grandma who passed away in April 
and only just missed seeing her granddaughter wed. 

Bright floral tights peeped from beneath the skirts of the gown 
– a truly Rynn-like hidden secret – 
and high heeled oxfords adorned her pretty little feet. 
Brown tresses were tamed, curled, and pinned 
into a delightfully classic coif.  
(Thanks to her hairdresser, who also happened to be her maid of honor*, 
who also happened to be her photographer**, 
decorator, designer, and sister... That’s me!) 
A gorgeous bouquet of lisianthus and purple stocks
filled her arms with bright blossoms. 

 The Bride and her Maids

She was a breathtaking vision, our sweet girl, 
the most beautiful, dainty little bride that ever existed. 

  The groom was oh, so very handsome. 
Dressed in a vintage vest and hat, he was a thoroughly dashing figure. 

 The Groom and his Men

But, in truth, it was the joy in his eyes when he beheld his bride 
that gave him an extra special radiance. 
Bride and groom together created 
a picture of true love and fairy tale dreams. 

The ceremony was originally going to be held outdoors. 
But, due to a last minute disappointment, 
the location had to be moved indoors. 
And because Rynn had always dreamed of an outdoor wedding, 
we brought the gorgeous autumn leaves and fall foliage inside. 
(The ceremony decorations were all the brilliant idea of our dear friend Gina, 
who is capable of creating anything.) 
Bright trees tipped with fiery leaves were positioned among stumps and dried grasses, 
creating a bower of autumn glory at the altar. 

 And when our princess proclaimed 
“This is even better than being married outside! 
It was true.

Rynn and Caleb created a beautiful ceremony that was completely unique 
and accurately portrayed the heart of their relationship. 
(I managed to hold back my tears – until I glanced out to see Timmy 
crying in the front row. I love how much he loves my family!)
When two people come as one, 
and you know that it is the Lord who brought them to the altar, 
there is a sacred sense of pure divinity that emanates as vows are spoken. 
God was there, and it was with holy reverence that we watched two souls, 
at the foot of the cross, become husband and wife.

They beamed through the closing words of the ceremony 
and danced back down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Jacobson. 
Love was thrown into the skies 
and clung to the laughter dancing in the air. 
There was such celebration in heaven and on earth, 
the moment their happy lips kissed for the first time - 
as husband and wife. 
And there never was a more adorable little married couple.

To Be Continued: The Reception

*I know that I am technically a "matron of honor"... but I'm not a huge fan of the word matron. And so, I am a married maid!
**My friend Elizabeth and I did all of the wedding photography. It was a joint adventure, as I was in the bridal party and could not take many of the photos. Elizabeth is amazing and organized and so, so creative - I could not have managed to undertake the photography without her! Thank you, Elizabeth!  


  1. Becki! You should write fairytales...

    and your creative handprints are seen all throughout this and yet i can tell it was true to the bride's taste and wishes...she must be so thrilled!

    and i didn't comment on your previous post - but the pic with the trees and the shadows with rynn...STUNNING!!!!

  2. SO beautiful! I love your photography! Is there any chance I could ever get the beautiful and very talented Becki O'Brien to come out to California to take wedding photos someday?

    (We're not officially engaged yet, but we're thinking Valentine's Day 2012!)

    You are Timmy are invited to come out and celebrate either way!

    By the way, this is Melanie Kafura. :)

  3. Wow babe!! Your pretty amazing! Ya know I am not sure I have told you this before, but you are positively the most amazing girl that has ever lived!!! Every aspect about you is the image of perfection. I am more and more glad to know you every day!

    And this day is special because we have been married for 16 months!!!! Happy 16 months my glorious bride.