Sunday was a good day for an adventure, so we had one.  
The four of us made a merry group of fall-loving friends. 
And by the four of us, 
 I mean Rynn, Caleb, Timmy, and I. 

See how happy we are?

That is because, somehow, we all managed to end up exactly where we belong in life - with each other. All together in one place. It is a pretty thought to ponder that Timmy and Caleb were destined to fall in love with myself and Rynn, respectively, and fit perfectly into their places in our family. And by doing so, they became brothers and best friends, married to two sisters who are also best friends. And this is when our group gets delightfully complicated with sweet undercurrents of extra love and adoration mixed and mingled between the four of us.

 Rynn loves Caleb, and Caleb loves Timmy, 
and Timmy loves me, I love Rynn, 
and we all love pumpkins. 


  1. That was such a fun day! Just being able to breath the fall air and be free! To enjoy you, family, and pumpkins was wondrous!!

    I love our traditions together babe!!

  2. This is my favorite post. Ever. *smiles*

    Best friend sister. I love you.