Late Night Phone Call, Part 2

Perhaps Becki did not actually faint, but she certainly felt weak with fright when Tim announced that Apple Café was also placing an after-hour phone call to his cell phone. The doom that had been hovering all night seemed to suddenly descend upon them both. They stood with pale faces and beating hearts, not sure what to do next. 

In the middle of their indecision, another phone call beeped into existence. It was from a rather disreputable friend of his and just as Tim was about to disregard the call and turn his thoughts back to the awful matter at hand… it all suddenly made sense. 

Tim answered the phone with a tone of severity not often heard from those who love him. In the space of two minutes he had heard all he needed to hear. This rascal thought it to be a funny prank, and had been utilizing an application he had downloaded onto his cell phone, enabling him to appear as if he were calling from any number he wished. Tim tried to convey what horrible fright and confusion this ridiculous prank had caused, how the law enforcement officials had been called, how it was not a humorous joke. It is hard to say whether this man was truly repentant, or merely chagrined at such a rebuke. 

“No matter!” Becki cried with relief (She was only very glad to hear that it was not a murdering apparition who had been placing the calls.) But, with a trembling voice she stated, “My Darling, please do not ever invite that scoundrel friend of yours into my house, ever again.” 

Seeing as this is the same rogue who had also somewhat recently toilet papered their home, it would seem that she had a very valid reason to enforce this request. 

The End 


  1. I could NOT believe that "this rogue" would have done this!! I am still a bit in shock in regards to it. It gave me a good picture of how I react under such circumstances though. I found I need always to put my keys on the key hook by the door!!!

    Yet another adventure with my lovely beautiful girl! I adore all of our adventures together even difficult ones!!