My heart is caught within a whisper,
nestled in that soft spot between reality and daydreams.
In that place where time cannot touch the thoughts that linger.
Deep in a memory.
There at the altar, is my little girl.
With brown velvet eyes and freckles like kisses 
dancing across her perfect cheeks. 
Her gaze is deep inside his heart
and this is the moment that has been waiting
to happen
her entire life.
This sacred act 
of becoming
who she was meant to be.
She is exquisite and radiant. 
She is glowing.
She is a bride.

Hello, Mrs. Rynn Jacobson
I've been waiting to meet you.

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  1. Awwww that is so pretty honey!! This was such a beautiful love felt wedding. I adored seeing the love in Caleb and Rynns eyes for each other. They were truly led by the Lord into there marriage.

    I was just thinking about you and me up there last year baby! You are my best friend, my perfect dream, and my forever girl!!!