15 is better than 14.

Months are landmarks for counting life.  
Named and recorded, they continuously repeat
in a valiant effort to stamp numbers on what we call time.

They come and they go, 
and we can only watch those endless numbered days 
falling off our calendar pages,  
one by one by one. They fly.  
You must love them quickly, because in mere moments, 
they are gone.  
Each date is lived and archived in counted rows.  
Slipped away softly into the steadily growing bank of days left behind us,  
as we unceasingly step into each new tomorrow. 
Unstoppable and beautiful, 
they come without bidding and leave without asking. 

 But as the days are dwindling, the months are growing. 
Each fallen day finds us one happy step closer to new highlights,
as days become weeks, and weeks become months.
Fifteen months.
457 days gone, and fifteen months accumulated. 
How tremendously sweet it is to be fifteen months married.
And because 15 is better than 14, we celebrate.


  1. dear becki,
    if you were to write a book of poems, i would buy it. and then buy one for all of my friends. because the way you build words and piece them together is seriously like a work of art.

    <3 jamie

  2. Baby love...I adore this. I am so taken aback by the beauty of us! I am just forever thankful that I GET life with you!! Your my most marvelous and gorgeous girl! And there is no one like you!!!

    Happy 15 months baby love!!!!