Thanks to this box that arrived in the mail today:

Apple Wellness has new business cards.

Listing our new website - currently in the process of becoming amazing. (We also have a website that Yellowbook created for us for free. Click here and check out the super cheesy video. It cracks me up and the whole website definitely needs some tweaking!) 
Listing our blog - have you checked it out yet? 

And these new business cards also double as referral cards. (That was Timmy's brilliant idea.)

Apple Wellness has brand new promotional materials, too, like this little card (pictured above). This one is targeted toward gym members, and has a pretty amazing coupon included on the back.

Apple Wellness is keeping me busy, that's for sure.

And I love it. 

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  1. I am always thoroughly amazed by all your designs and creations! Its as if all the creative genius in the world has been brought together in you! Your my favorite part of Apple Wellness!!