pretty castle.

Thanks to Timmy, I spend the majority of my days believing that I am a princess.
And since I consider him to be the most charming of all princes,
I think it would be safe to call our house a castle.
I am happy to announce that
our castle has been transformed from this:

Into this:

I live in a pretty castle. 

*Meet my seasonal shelf. Inspired by this post from Jamie.
(I'm pretty much in love with my little scarecrow that I found for $1 at Hobby Lobby…)

*Rynn's bridal shower decorations turned out so cute, I haven't taken them down yet...
Like my paper bunting and playing card banner?


  1. you guys ARE a royal couple. :)

    and the cream must feel so much more soothing - i'm definitely going neutral w/ our next place. i really like your take on the seasonal shelf. the collage is much easier than printing 7 photos and changing them out every season. i gave up and now i have all my nieces and nephews in the frames. but maybe i'll put a seasonal collage somewhere else??? you have me inspired!

    the banner w/ the playing cards mixed in - beautiful! and i'm curious - do you have a scripture or saying on your wall? what does it say?

  2. LOVE banners! yes, keep them up!

    and the new colors look so grown up! i can't seem to get away from bright colors... they're all i want! but it makes me wonder if my house would look more adult with different colors. hmmm...

    and yes... YAY for a blog post! (:

  3. My beautiful love there is nothing I love more than to encourage you in who you are...a princess!! I love that its NOT pretend or a journey to become. It is who you are my pretty girl and I have the privilege of walking through life with you!!

    I adore our house baby love! You add such a glorious touch to all that you encounter!!!