some advice.

I dislike being scared, and I generally spend a good deal of effort ensuring that nothing terrifying enters my mind. I really am a silly little scaredy cat. But sometimes, I am tempted to take a teeny peek into something especially chilling because, at that moment, it seems bold and exhilarating. (Especially if this scary something is disguised inside the cover of a literary masterpiece.) Well, friends, even teeny peeks are enough to traumatize me into insisting we bar the basement door closed at night. 
(Just in case any vampires are lurking down there, you know.)
Advice: Don’t read 'Dracula'. Just don’t. 
It may be classic literature, but it is still scary.
Extra Advice: Vampires are NOT romantic. Twilight is icky. Don’t celebrate Halloween.

I’ve been desperately attempting to accomplish many jobs at the same time. And I’ve been desperately falling behind. Each day that passes seems to set me back a step as work continues to increase and my time is dwindling. I am constantly overestimating the amount of work I can accomplish in one night. As in, I write long, beautiful lists of things to do every Monday before I start my week. As in, every night I am usually only able to cross off one or maybe three things, forcing myself to move the things not accomplished to the next day. This cycle continues to continue.
Advice: If you have 20 dollars, don’t try to spend 21.  
(I learned this from reading Oliver Twist.)  
Similarly, if you have 2 hours, don’t try to jam 3 hours of work into them.

Timmy extra specially ordered in some boxes of Macaroni and Soy Cheese for me at Apple Wellness. I have been nearly beside myself with excitement, waiting for the order to be delivered! I have been dreaming and craving Mac’n Soy Cheese. Mac’n SOY CHEESE! This morning the shipment arrived and the back of the Mac’n Soy Cheese box, in the ingredients section, contained these fatal words: Casein (a milk derived protein). As in cow milk. As in, I can’t eat the precious meal I have been anticipating for weeks! Oh, and the onion rings we made for dinner last night? At the last moment I checked the bag to find that the batter had milk in it. Bum bum bummer.
Advice: Don’t hinge your happiness on the hope of dairy free dishes.

Tonight, in attempt to save money, I am going to cut Timmy’s hair. This act was inspired by a friend of mine who actually let her husband cut her hair. The fact that it turned out cute has given me confidence. I’d like to say that Tim is quite confident, too, but that might be untrue. He has bravely stated, “What is the worst that could happen?” Which I think is rather noble and trusting. I suppose the worst that could happen is that he ends up… bald? Hmm…  
Advice: None yet. We’ll see how Timmy’s hair turns out…

 Advice: Laura Zastrow takes amazing photos.


  1. Perfect advice my honey! I can NOT believe the mac n cheese failed. For the second time!!

    I wish I could dedicate myself to full time cooking! Trying to perfect every food you like with out the ingredients that would risk your life!!

    Your my blossom sweety!!!

  2. is amy's mac and cheese (in the single-serving frozen section at woodmans or the co-op) dairy free? i think they have a soy cheese and perhaps a rice cheese as well. and i think annie's (the boxes with the bunny on the top) makes a rice mac and cheese too. i'd imagine and hope that one (or both?) of these are vegan. otherwise, what's the point?

  3. I love reading your blog Bea!!!!