(little Liz and little Becki)

 Having a big sister pretty much ensures that there aren't many things in life you'll end up doing first. By the time I reached pre-school, Liz had already graduated to second grade. When I lost my first tooth, Liz had already had many tooth fairy visits. By the time I reached high school, she was already contemplating college. Liz celebrated her two year anniversary just weeks before my wedding. With every step I take in life, she is always three steps ahead of me.

And I always have felt quite satisfied, knowing that she has already tested things out.
Because, in the end, there is something infinitely reassuring
about knowing that you're not the first.

 (*addresses, dates, and times have been changed)

Especially when you have an older sister like my Lizzy.

We'll see how this new adventure of hers turns out,  
and then, who knows? Maybe I'll give it a try myself.

Until then, I'll just design her baby shower invitations
and look forward to being an aunt!

P.S. Can you tell where I got the new look for my blog?


  1. hahahhahahaa!!! This picture is so CUTE!! I could not stop laughing because I know that little grin! You still have the same little grin! I LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. that is the perfect photo for a post like this and again, so well-written!

    the baby shower invites are darling just like laura said. i especially like the dotted line work around the speech bubble and registration info. ;)

    and love the new blog look!