Lessons Learned This Week:

 Timmy bought me new fuzzy slippers. Now we have matching slippered feet – except my slippers are grey and his are tan. He said that the grey seemed more luxurious, like rabbit fur. I immediately agreed and then wondered if that was a good thing…? Either way, my fake rabbit fur slippers came in handy yesterday when I accidentally dropped a large picture frame down the stairs and its glass shattered into a many sharp shards.
Lesson Learned: Slippers keep glass shards out of bare feet.
Mom came to visit. She came with freshly baked cinnamon swirl bread, peach cobbler, and dinner. She house-sat while our new carpet and flooring were installed, did our laundry, cleaned our house, and worked at our store. She also finished the bunting I had been struggling to complete in time for Rynn’s shower. Timmy and I both agree that mom is kind of like our fairy godmother.
Lesson Learned: Moms always make busy weeks better – even when you’re all grown up.

I painted our 15 foot cathedral ceiling. This isn’t a fun venture for someone who is afraid of heights. Especially when this someone is painting alone with a 10 foot ladder, and no one there to rescue her if she plummeted to her death. Especially, especially when this particular someone isn’t quite tall enough to reach the highest places, and she is therefore forced to stand on her tippy toes on the topmost part of the ladder that is clearly marked, “Do not sit or stand.” (All in all, I’d say it’s a miracle that this certain someone survived the week.)
Lesson Learned: Use the buddy system when painting tall ceilings.
We had new carpet and flooring installed! Since then,
I’ve been skipping and dancing and daydreaming about my new floors.
Yesterday I actually used vacation time to leave work and go home early… to mop.

Lesson Learned: New floors provide much needed cleaning motivation.
Lesson I Already Knew: I'm married to the most amazing man.    
(Amazing Timmy, ripping out our old icky carpeting.)


  1. this post makes me smile big time. i love your "lessons learned".

    and scary, becki! don't stand on the top of ladders. i want to keep you, my friend.

    and yes, let's hang out!

  2. Oh Sweet Bea, I am hardly a fairy godmother. Just a mom who is so very happy to have two amazing kids to love and care for!

  3. hahaha! I laughed so hard while reading this! You are the cutest girl in the world! I just adore all that you are!!

    Usually I am the one taking risks! Now I know how you feel. No more being on the top of the ladder!

    I love you!!

  4. Hmmm Tim, did you come to that decision before or after you had to conquer our roof?