Bachelorette Soiree

Liz and I worked together to plan 
a perfectly purple party for our little sister. 
The focus of our efforts was to create an event that would celebrate love,
marriage, girlyness, and Rynn.

(No icky anythings allowed!) 
And the night was a glowing success because,
in addition to her amazing sisters, (if I do say so myself!),
Rynn has darling friends.

Each girl arrived in varying shades of purple,
and every girl received a pretty purple posy proclaiming
“Rynn Makes Me Grin” to compliment their festive apparel. 
(I have become an organza flower making expert!) 

And we made pretty Rynn a peacock hair piece
to place in her lovely tresses.
  Our first adventure was a scavenger hunt at the zoo.
I love groups of color coordinated people, 
and it was quite thrilling to flounce about in a matching purple parade, 
doing all sorts of silly things like…
After the zoo came dinner at Sai Bai Thong
Rynn entertained us over our Thai fare 
with splendid stories about her and Caleb.
We all adore Rynn.

And the most thrilling event of the evening was the underwear party.  
But it would be quite improper to discuss such intimate unmentionables here,  

It is good to be a girl, 
if for no other reason than high heels, pretty dresses, 
flowers, underwear, and bachelorette soirees. 
Especially bachelorette soirees.


  1. That was a most perfectly magical event indeed, my pretty purple loving sister. *hugs* Thank you for the most spectacular and icky-free of anything bachelorette party soiree!
    It's nice to have your best friend be your sister. At least...I like it. :)

    I love you!

  2. Marvelous job and well done honey!!! I love to watch you plan events babe. You think of every thing up to the last perfecting detail. Your dedication to making everyone feel loved is among your most beautiful attributes! Your a good big sister!!

    Congratulations Rynn!! Perfect party, although I felt a little funny walking in at the end of your girly time!

  3. ooooooh, what a perfect girls' night - and Rynn I'm sure felt so special by all that you put into planning it. i giggled over the scavenger hunt things - what great ideas! and the purple with the flowers you made - so pretty!