Dear Mom and Dad, 

It will interest you to know that I am painting the walls of my house cream.  
Buckwheat Flour to be exact. 

This may come as a shock to you because, well, cream is entirely boring and completely unlike any other wall color I have chosen. You could take this as a sign that I am growing up, and I finally appreciate the peace that comes from neutral shades. (But it would be accurate to say that the walls in my living room are high high HIGH and I only want to tackle painting them once. Ever. In my entire life!) Cream is the cozy kind of shade that matches everything, and I think it can keep up with my ever changing decorating style. I truly appreciate that in a color. 

Now that I have an adult perspective on paint colors, I’d like to thank you for 
letting me paint my high school bedroom bright pink and yellow.  
With stripes.  

And I no longer resent the fact that you repainted,  
quite literally, the day after I left for college.  

I understand.

I've always known you were the best parents a girl could ask for,
and I think this photo serves as further evidence to that truth: 

Let's just say that Timmy is glad I outgrew this phase.

 Love love love, Becki Bea


  1. I LOVE YOU BEA!!!!!!!

  2. THIS IS SO CUTE BABE! I can just picture you in your teenage years how cute you were(and still are) painting your room all bright and stripey!! This all just further confirms my case that you are indeed THE CUTEST GIRL!!!

  3. mom loves that chair!

  4. Lots of memories in that room :) Hope you have a great weekend!


  5. okay, so i've been away from the computer for awhile and i'm loving catching up on all your posts! :) this post is awesome. your teen room is seriously precious. it beats the "mint green" i chose in my teenage years. what was i thinking? now i know why my mom wanted to know if i wanted my room to look like a doctor's office. she repainted soon after i left too, hahaha!

    and how was the hello kitty curtain never mentioned here? that is too cute!