As I was cleaning out my closet the other day, I found this:

full of this:

 and this:

 Sad times.

A boy? Really…?

(I feel it is likely that there are people, to this day, who think my parents had a son.)


  1. haha! poor cutey. You were the most adorable baby in the world! I would have never mistaken you for a boy. I should march down to that newspaper office and let em have it!!

  2. Well, you were a boy and when Liz was born they messed up loading the film in the camera, so there is no hospital baby photo. They offered to have her come back a month later and have the photo redone so it could be in the paper. Back then they only published the baby photos once a month. We thought it would look really strange to have all these newborn photos and then a photo of Liz a month old. When you were born they had stopped putting the photos in the paper. Too bad because your hospital photo was soooo beautiful. Everyone who saw it commented on what a gorgeous baby you were. Really, it looked like a painting or a advertisement or something. You know most newborn photos look a little, dare I say it, ugly. I remember lying groggy and disoriented and listening to Dad cooing at you, "Hi, I'm your dad. You are my beautiful Sweet Becki Bea!" He had a whole little introduction for you and I remember him repeatedly telling me how pretty you were!

  3. your post has me giggling. that's not right! was this the first you discovered it?

    oh and the retro design on that box in your first photo!? that's pretty cool!

    i love looking through old things and memories. it's why i scrapbook. :)