Timmy says he couldn't have started Apple Wellness without me. 
And it is probably true.
But sometimes I feel like Apple Wellness is 
a little more his business
and a little less mine.

I mean, I've never been passionate about supplements before.
(Although my mom tried her hardest.)
And there was the instance yesterday, where I dramatically exclaimed,
"I hate vitamins!"
But I didn't really mean it. 
I just hate those big vitamins that are hard to swallow. 
(Don't you?)

Tim is the personality and face of Apple Wellness
and he kinda knows everything there is to know about supplements.

  But he consults me on every decision.
 Because we're business partners. 

And I'm the computer fixer, website designer, and promotion organizer.
The picture hanger, the kid corner setter upper,
and the interior designer.
 I know a lot about natural foods and healthy eating.
And I've always said that any business 
is only as good as it's graphic designer.

If I had a business card, it would say
"Becki O'Brien, Graphic Designer and Marketing Director
and Owner."

I'm one of the two owners of Apple Wellness.
One of the two people who made our little store possible.
That makes me feel pretty important.

Timmy says he most definitely, without question,
never-ever could have started Apple Wellness without me.

And it is certainly true.

Happy Three Months, Apple Wellness!


  1. CUTEST LOVE BUG!! You are so sweet and cute! Give honor to whom honor is due. You truly deserve that honor honey. I am so thankful to your endless amount of hours you dedicated to our business. As well as the infinite amount you still give.

    Thanks babe!