The youth at Faith Evangelical Free Church are going to be learning how to live lives centered on Jesus Christ.

When Pastor Scott asked me to create a "cool logo and poster" for this new series, I immediately thought of circles, targets, and center aligned text. And then I kinda realized that none of those things were especially "cool". And then I kinda realized that all of those things were definitely lame.

But how does one make "centered" cool? I've never been cool. And how can I make something "centered" without circles and center aligned text? I love circles.

As I mulled over how to design a cool "centered" logo, I began to think about what it means to have Jesus Christ the absolute center of my life. And then I thought about how sometimes I like to keep Him out of certain parts of my world, because I don't especialy want to stop disliking that certain person or listening to this particular music or whatever. And then I realized that two seconds before I actually thought about it, I would have said without hesitation, "Jesus Christ is the center of my life." And I suddenly knew that Jesus was slightly off-center in my life, out of reach of those particular things I don't want Him to know about.

And it became clear to me that it is way too easy to fall into a rut of thinking "Oh, this movie isn't so bad" or "I don't listen to the words of the music, I just like the beat" and so on. But that's not really making Jesus center. He expects us to be pure in everything, not just some things. And He wants to be the center of all our decisions and goals and dreams. Even my graphic design? Ummm... definitely.

And after I thought about all that, I had this great idea of how to make a cool centered poster:

Praying before designing? Sounds like a good plan to me.

(concrete floors make amazingly cool, grungy backdrops. sidewalk chalk is fabulous. if you don't listen to Owl City, you should. oh, and can you spot where the LZ photo is hiding?)


  1. excellent lighting. do i also spot some lighting effects rendering from photoshop filters or is it all natural?

    very very very nice. i'm impressed!!

  2. Amen and amen!! I mean what would happen if the sons and daughters of God really gave all they had to the Lord!? What if like the Word commands we really did take every thought captive!? Laying down our lives(getting centered) picking up our cross and followed Him! I want God to have COMPLETE access to every area of my life! Praise God for the freedom through the cross to have the power to do this!!!
    ...beautiful blog comment and picture

  3. very cool :) i love that design is ministry.

  4. i recognize that manly concrete floor! very excellent work bea! dad

  5. YOU
    I paused to think of just the right adjective, there are so many to describe such an accomplished, talented, and unique woman of the Lord! You are captivating Becki, and your designs truly do just that. They captivate me and take my attention ransom. The Lord will most surely use your gifts to captivate the hearts and minds of his children for HIS glory! I love you :)
    You are such a gift.
    Love Missy

  6. There is a public out cry arising for a new post from Happily Becki's blog! The reality is that one of the most exciting things of the day is Becki's blog. There are fears that some sort of violence will result if this need is not addressed!! Reporting live from the center of Happily Becki this is Your honey signing out.

  7. I concur with Timmy! Seriously, I genuinely look forward to your blog Becki! :)

  8. Magical fairy! Only you, the prettiest, most beguiling of designers could make 'centered' spectacular.
    And what are you talking of? We Davison girls are always cool. It comes with being some of the most enchanting princesses on the planet... *giggle*