je m'ennuie card

Three reasons I love this card.

Reason#1: Because black and white is beautiful. I love the tonal variations on black and white pieces. Sometimes, without color to distract us, black and white shows delightful details we otherwise would have missed.

Reason #2: Because I have been inspired to cultivate my ability to create simple pieces. I tend to make everything deliciously detailed and complex. But, the truth is, sometimes simple is just better.

Reason #3: Because the Eiffel Tower image originated from a photo I took on our honeymoon. Yes, my heart flutters happily just thinking about it! Seeing the Eiffel tower was a lifelong dream fulfilled.

And because French is such a beautiful language, it looks and sounds pretty no matter what you are saying!


  1. Je t'aime ma belle mariée(I love you my beautiful bride)!! I love you so much babe, I am soo in love with you. Thinking of our honeymoon brings an unexplainable feeling to my heart! It reminds me of our ever growing love story, God's blessing, and promise of a life long dream being fulfilled each new day!! And its all because I am with you! I love the card my honey. I believe that you have the creative ability to change a nation!

  2. did you use a texture for this?

    and don't feel like you HAVE to do simpler stuff. i do ALL simple stuff cuz, as you know, i've been having trouble concepting. so keep doing your beautiful complex stuff!! i think it's amazing!