friday favorites - chocolate chip cookies

Sometimes, it isn't easy being vegan. It can be almost guaranteed that I will never be able to eat any delectable treat found in restaurants, stores, or coffe shops. (Unless it is a vegan restaurant, store, or coffee shop.) I'm the awkward party guest that nobody knows what to feed. And I'm always the girl in the corner eating a plate of carrots and celery at work pot lucks and treat days.

The fact that I stop breathing if I consume anything to do with dairy or anything that touched anything that touched something with dairy in it, really helps. I'm never tempted to un-vegan-ize myself and sneak a forbidden snack. Some of my favorite moments are when my darling husband tells waiters about my allergies, clutching his neck in a death grip and making a choking face as he visually explains to our now wide-eyed server that I will surely die if I eat dairy. (Don't feel too sorry for me though. I wouldn't eat dairy even if I could, for a long list of reasons I won't mention on this blog.)

99% of chocolate chips and 100% of regular chocolate chip cookies have dairy in them. Which means I usually can't eat chocolate chip cookies without risking my very life. Because of this, I have not had a real chocolate chip cookie in years. Years.

I'm telling you this fact to help you realize how incredibly, amazingly, ridiculously exciting these chocolate chip cookies are to me. I got this vegan cookbook for Christmas, "Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar". And out of all 100+ recipes, I chose to make the chocolate chip cookies first. I could have made any number of delightfully different and new cookies - and they all sounded positively divine. But no, I found some vegan chocolate chips and chose to make the most boring and basic recipe out of the entire book, "Chocolate Chip Cookies." Because, oh how I have missed them! Does anything taste more like a cookie?

And the crowning glory of the moment was when Timmy and I were eating warm, right out of the oven, chewy chocolate chip cookies. And Timmy ate two of them. And then he looked at me and said,
"Baby! Nobody would ever be able to tell that these are vegan!"

Which is his way of telling me that they were truly delicious.

Don't tell Timmy, but I plan to make him vegan yet.
*sneaky smile*
One plate of chocolate chip cookies at a time...


  1. haahahahaaaaa!!!! Babe your hilarious, I am your most loyal follower on this blog do you really think I would not find your sneaky plan of veganizing me!! Now that I know I will surely victor...although if I could get some more vegan clemintine salad, vegtable stuffed spaghetti, and a a a more of those vegan cookies that would be great! Ha I am so winning this battle!!

  2. HAHAHAHAAHA To Becki's sneakiness and Timmy's silly comment above! :)
    Now I want yummy Becki treats and especially COOKIES!!!
    I am thrilled you were able to make the classic cookie Becki! <3
    We should bake some of those recipes together sometime! and then you can make some of the best hummus in the world!

  3. Oh! I love baking vegan things for my vegan friends! Well, actually I only have one vegan friend to date, but I always make sure to have vegan treats at our parties, just in case. One of my many goals is to learn how to make everything vegan and gluten free (yes, I know that there's a cookbook that's literally called "How to cook everything Vegan"). You'll have to try my pies some time. :-)

  4. i think i may be addicted to your blog... i keep checking it to see if you posted today... lol. you'll have to e-mail me or post that hummus recipe that missy mentioned, too. i just bought chickpeas and tahini at the co-op yesterday!