a conversation about timmy

Timmy: Sweetest, I think that sometimes I scare people.
Me: Oh, no. You don't scare people... Well, yes you do scare people. Sometimes you're just a little loud, and you intimidate quiet people like me.
Timmy: Yes, that is true. *pause* But you can't spell intimidate without Tim!

So true. How I love my darling, sometimes-intimidating boy.


  1. hahahahahahahahaha!!!! I made you laugh pretty hard with that didnt I hunney?! I love how much you love me everyday in and out no matter what! Your my sunrise babe!

  2. WOW! Hahahahaah I can't believe I never noticed that! That is so fitting :) Timmy you are so adorable! And also it is so applicable because the Lord uses you to inTIMidate the enemy. Plus don't you love a certain book entitled breaking inTIMidation! :D xoxo Great pic Becki!