manly beauty.

While I was visiting my parents this weekend, I spent some time down in Daddy's workshop. My dad can make anything. As he was showing me the effects of his newly sharpened planer blade, I began to notice all sorts of interesting textures and colors in his work area. Manly beauty.

So, I did what any photographer would do. I took some pictures. Even guy stuff can be beautiful. (Although I doubt Dad would appreciate me calling his tools "beautiful.")

And now I'm thinking that these "manly" photos just might make some incredibly manly note cards?


  1. i like seeing things from your perspective, becki! i can see you developing some serious wood-shavings-inspired swirls in your work!

  2. I am slightly infatuated with the picture of the hammer and the golden bronze-ish nails! :)
    Way to see the beauty in EVERYTHING Becki! You astonish me <3

  3. Baby these are really neat. These really would make great man cards. Sometimes I try to think as creatively as you do! Last time I tried was Friday night and I got a migrain!! I think I will stick to building business's:) Your the most amazing of all God's creations!

  4. thanks for visiting my manly shop! dad

  5. third from the bottom = thumbs up