a conversation: about dreams

Timmy: Where will we go tonight in our dreams dearest?
Me: To the clouds?
Timmy: Yes, lets meet high on a mountain. Not in this world, in a special spot that is super high, so high up that even you are not afraid. And we'll sit and have a picnic in the clouds on a picnic table that was put there just for us.
Me: Is it a pink picnic table?
Timmy: Yes, it is pink. But there is a little corner of it that is blue, for me. But we'll sit on the same side, and we can sit on the pink part.…
I'll just rest one hand on the blue part.  

(another beautiful photo taken by Laura Zastrow)


  1. ...yet beautifully edited by you, becki. (:

  2. haha! This is my favorite blog!! Everytime I visit(2-4times per day) There is something new and hilarious! Your way to precious for words babe. Thanks form letting me have my blue corner!

  3. this is perhaps the sweetest thing i've seen and read in a long time. :)

  4. I remember the day you told me this story about Timmy. You and I curled up together and giggled ourselves breathless at how adorable he was. :)