love rings.

My two little sisters are moving far, far away.
Off to pursue dreams and academics.

Those of us back home will be doing a lot of missing in the next couple months.

Today Kyra and Missy leave with our prayers in their hearts and these little Love Rings on their fingers. Little lovely reminders of how much they are loved and cherished - filled to the brim with hugs and kisses and pretty thoughts.

Because sometimes sisters need to be reminded of how wonderfully special they are. And big, pretty, sparkley reminders are the best kind of reminders, don't you agree?

I love to personalize store bought gifts to make them just a little extra special. I have found that it is all about the packaging. Prettily designed packaging goes a long way, and cute "product tags" always impress.


  1. holy moly!!! These things are amazing!! I am overcome everytime I see a creation of yours as if its the first time. Although its very similar to everytime I look into your eyes! When I gaze into to your eyes I feel a powerful work in my heart. I so adore you babe!

  2. I absolutely CHERISH my love ring Becki! but more importantly, I cherish the people who gave them to me, filled with their love and support! I love the fact that wherever i go, i feel as if i can take you and Timmy along with me :) Thank you for one of the best gifts imaginable!

    And of course packaging is the icing on the cake! PRICELESS!

  3. my little sweet bea is an amazing lady!!!