friday favorites - pinklepurr

My sweet little Pinklepurr, with silky fur and emerald eyes. Her purrs as smooth as dreamland, her cheeks as soft as dandelion wishes. With an agenda to dream her days away, she only loves you, that's all she knows.


  1. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!
    Oh my goodness me! What an adorable kitty and an even MORE adorable Becki! I need to meet pinklepurr sometime :)
    It's always fun when a pet loves only you. I love these pictures! Hooray! Good way to start the day!

  2. She is so cute and fuzzy!! How darling are her little paws are. Just looking at her makes you want drop everything and run to her giving her the biggest hug you ever gave! So valuable I would give my life for her!!! ...and the kitty is absolutely adorable! Nice work babe I love how the pictures are set up.

  3. i want a pinklepurr!

    your photos are so fun! they show your relationship. :) i like the one of the two of you looking at each other and that first w/ the close up of her paw.

  4. Awwww Timmy's comment is so precious! And true!!!