pretty little hair clip

Dear readers, I have found that it is very easy to make pretty little hair clips. 

Thank you, ribbon, hot glue gun, and jewels. I'm quite sure I'll never buy hair pretties ever again. 


  1. Wow babe these turned out absolutely gorgeous! They look better than any store bought!! You know I have already worn your socks, I am gonna have to start wearing your hairclips!!! I love you babe.

  2. dear becki,
    i think your hair clips are lovely. :)

    - jamie

    p.s. you should make a headband too!

  3. Dearest Darlingest Becki

    I adore the fact that you say you find it very easy to make pretty hair clips.

    I also feel you must have a different definition of the word EASY! heeheehee
    You astonish me!