i'll make a home with you.

this weekend
because I have officially accepted a freelance graphic design position.
because Timmy and I were itching for a completely unpractical adventure.
because I found the most perfectly amazing shelves online at IKEA...

We decided to take a road trip to Chicago. To hold hands and listen to The Hobbit. To IKEA. To spend hours entranced by all the IKEA lovelies... to practice self-control. To buy those beautiful shelves. To bring them home to live in my art studio. To give me space to create... a place to design.

And then...
because we had been meaning to for the past six months.
because color makes my thoughts sparkle.
because it made sense to do before we assembled the shelves...

We bought three gallons of paint from Home Depot at 8PM. To paint my studio a pink so light it whispers. To stay up very late dripping pink paint and sharing painty kisses. To watch my handsome husband put on his tool belt and expertly assemble my beautiful shelves.
To just bask in the reality that we were painting our home together.
Because, oh yeah, I'll make a home with you my love.


  1. yaaaa!!! That was such a beautiful weekend honey! Its Monday morning and I am absolutely infatuated with all that you are! Swept away by you,overflowingly delighted in you, and blessed beyond comprehension to have you!! I have never been more thankful for you and have never been more in love with you. Everyday becomes more beautiful. Every flower, sunset, and mountain becomes more radiant because you are by my side!! I am yours and you are mine!!!

  2. i love that you took 'an impractical' weekend. that's the stuff crazy-in-love couples do! you've inspired me. and i want to see your studio someday!

  3. Princess Missy O'BrienJanuary 25, 2010 at 1:42 PM

    How amazing! I love the pictures!!! The picture of you two is one of my new favorites :) Must be nice having your very own handy man Becki! :) He looks so professional with the tool belt and all! I love you both and can't wait to see the pretty whisper pink room!

  4. nice toolbelt timmy!! dad

  5. I've heard that ikea is HUGE! Did you get through the whole store?

    Would you want to exchange e-mail addresses so we don't have to play comment tag?

  6. oh my goodness, my nicole! how lovely that you've commented becki's blog!

    and becki! love the bottom left photo of tim. sweet. (: