we are made for joy.

Yesterday I ate my lunch inside a rainbow.

The sparkling sunshine outside my window at work convinced me to brave the freezing breezes. I slipped out of the building, lunchbox in hand, and slid into my car to bask in its sun warmed interior.

And the sun was shining so cheerily, so full of brightness - so directly in my eyes.

After squinting for some long moments, I pulled off my pretty scarf and hung it in a curtain around me, filtering the sunlight and softening it's rays into radiant color. It poured over me with dancing hues and immediately transformed my car into a brilliant rainbow. Just try to eat oranges amidst a rainbow and see if you can't help but be filled with overwhelming happiness. And so I learned something new yesterday. Sunlight glowing through pretty scarves is pure joy. And we are made for joy.

After spending an afternoon daydreaming about rainbow scarves, I went home and attempted to capture this joy. And with my light table and a pile of beautiful scarves, this is what I created:



  1. Babe you are the absolute most creative beautiful creature EVER created on planet earth!!!!!!!!!! How in the WORLD do you get ideas as wonderful and as beautiful as you do?! These are overflowing with creativity! These are golden babe!! Truly from God and I know that because you constantly pray for God to bless you with ideas!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!
    You have done it again Becki! You have such a gift for capturing the beauty in everything and transforming it into something everyone can appreciate! These scarf cards are some of your best yet! :) They are beautiful and unique, just like you!

  3. *In response to Tim's comment* I am sure that God made the sun shine just right to inspire you for these cards! He knew you'd be able to recognize the opportunity to create from the majesty of HIS creation! How wonderful!

  4. And in regards to Missy's response I love MISSY!!!! Maybe we should make Becki's Blog the new facebook gathering!! hahaha

  5. becki, i love that you have your eyes wide open to the world and let your observations spill over into your creativity! beautiful photography and i always enjoy the sentiments you write. i especially like 'you are my favorite hello.' how sweet is that?

  6. Haha Timmy you are so funny and I am all for making Becki's blog the new facebook gathering! I look forward to checking it more than facebook as it is :) I LOVE TIMMY AND BECKI!

    Also, I really like "you are my favorite hello" as well! it's so sweet and so true all at the same time! YAY!